Amongst other things, I am a painter living in Saltdean, between the sea and the hills. Blessed to be living in such a beautiful part of the world it would be rude not to paint the wonderful landscapes that surround us here.. I hope to capture some of the magic in my art.
Portraiture is my other great passion and I never get tired of the challenges that it poses. It's never really a problem if a gate looks a little too wonky or a tree a touch smaller than it actually is.. but it's not the same when it comes to an ear or a lip.. it's got to be spot on.

I'm really happy to be a finalist in the Worthing Portrait Artist of the Year. This will take place in October 2021.


Jim's boy.jpg


I paint in oils and watercolour. Most of my work is produced using photographic reference. Having painted extensively from life and learnt the effects of light this does not detract in any way. The trick is to use sensitivity and find the soul in the photograph.



Ocassionally I get asked to paint a certain scene for a client but more often than not it's The Downs or the seafront that I end up staring at for hours. The other day a stoat bounded up the path as I painted totally unaware that I was there. What a treat.. he got within six feet then smelt me (or the turps) and bounced back into the wheatfield.

telscombe 2.jpg