Stinky Bear


If you ever see a big fat bear

With dirty yellow teeth

And thick black hair,

Who's lying fast asleep in your Grandad's chair,

My advice is to



Go right up to that big fat bear

With the curly yellow teeth

And the dirty black hair

And say:

'Excuse me.. you shouldn't sit there,

That chair is reserved

And certainly not deserved

By a stinky old impolite bear!'


Now, you'll need to be strong

And learn not to care

When you get a face full of angry black bear.

You'll need to stand up for what's fair.


He'll be surprised,

Because it truly is rare

For one so small to stand up to a bear

With dirty, curly teeth and thick, black hair

But I advise that you stand still and stare

And once more say:

'It really isn't fair,

Because that's definitely Grandad's chair!'


Well, he'll shout and he'll stomp,

He'll huff and he'll puff

And tell you he's just about had quite enough

Of someone, standing there,

Who really shouldn't dare

To question a big, fat, yellow toothed bear.


But at the end of the day,

If you say 'Go away!'

You'll see he's just full of hot air!