There's just one thing I need to say before I go to bed,
It's something about the something that I forgot it was I said.
I mean, it's very, very important and I need to get it clear..
It's a question about something I thought before we came in here.

Maybe it was about how many seconds fill a day,
Or how come I'm only 5 years old when we both were born in May?
Or how does the car start moving with just that little key?
Or why is it that we need money, and everything's not free?

No, it wasn't that.. was it something that my teacher said at school
About humans growing from a lump of slime at the bottom of a pool?
Mum thinks I'm trying to buy some time before turning out the light.
Well, maybe but these do go through my mind at night.

'Some things', says Mum 'are a mystery, and some we know for sure,
Like I know I'll always love you and that it's time to shut the door!'
'But! But!' I say with a sleepy yawn, snuggling into bed
And I've forgotten all about the something that I forgot it was I said.