My Den


I've made myself a den today

Out of cushions, sheets and string.

I've made a door from pillows

and there's a bell for guests to ring.


I think I'll sit here all day long

And watch the world go by

With my friend, Maureen the spider,

Though she seems a little shy.


I haven't told my mum or dad,

But I'll be staying here for tea...

A fly for my friend Maureen,

Beans on toast for me.


And when it's time for bed

I'll curl up on the floor

with my torch and two of my teddies,

Then I'll shut my pillow door.


My dreams will be of castles

And towers in the sky,

All built by me and Maureen

(If she decides to not be shy.)


Yes I'm going to live forever

In my perfect little den,

Or maybe I'll just smash it down

And start all over again!