My Dad is Made of Butter


My Dad is made of butter

My Mum is made of socks

My cat is made of springs

That I collect from broken clocks.


We ride around on trampolines

That bounce us down the street

And we race like wild horses

With buckets on their feet.


'Ahoy!' I cry with arms held high

And wave to all the dogs

Who are eating milky pudding

Whilst chatting with the frogs


When we get to where we're going

We sit and have a snack

And if Dad is feeling sleepy

I'll carry him on my back.


We do this every morning

To keep us fit and strong,

Then we sleep for 16 seconds

Or something like that long.


So, if you're feeling floppy

Or as stiff as old Big Ben,

Go racing on your trampolines

And you'll be good as gold again.

dad butter2sq.jpg