'I'm just a little bit scared' said Tim,

'Of what they'll think when they see me swim.

I'm scared that I won't look brave,

When I get turned upside down by a huge splashy wave


I'll look like a baby to them

When I get a nose full of water and a mouth full of phlegm

And when I cough and splutter and choke

Everyone will point and think it's a joke.


The other kids will scream and shout

I'll be cold and wet and want to get out

It's no fun when you just can't swim

I'm just a little bit scared,' said Tim.


But Tim was a brave little chap

And he said to himself 'I'll try half a lap'

So he put on his trunks and jumped in.

'Hey Tim' said a friend, 'try my inflatable fin'.


'Oooh thanks' said Tim with a big smiley grin

And he strapped on Sam's inflatable fin.

'Look at me!' he said 'I'm a shark,

Swimming is just as much fun as the park!'


Now you can't keep Tim from the pool..

Early in the morning and again after school.

'Sometimes I still get scared' says Tim..

'But I won't let that stop me 'cos I do love to swim!'